2014 Spring Seminar

On April 5, 2014 Root Cellar held a successful all-day seminar featuring a series of lectures by nationally known speaker Geoff Rasmussen. The event took place at the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Fair Oaks.
Timelines and Chronologies: Secrets of Genealogical Success
Googling Around with Google and Other Fun Technology
The Latest in Digital Imaging for Genealogists
What's New in Legacy 8
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Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.
Registration was both quick and efficient.
Speaker Geoff Rasmussen giving the presentation, webinar, signing books and answering questions.
The event was well attended with an audience size of over 200.
The free items table was very popular.
Lunch and snacks were distributed from tables in the back of the hall.
Root Cellar's sales staff was present and ready to sell.
At times, the sales table was very busy.
Raffle tickets provided the opportunity to win genealogy gift baskets. Tickets could be purchased
from the raffle sales table or the roving sales lady. An iPad accepted credit/debit card payments. 
A genealogy book vendor, Janaway Publishing Inc.,
was present to provide ample shopping opportunity.
Cox Black and White Lab was present offering
their genealogy photo restoration service.
Lots of interesting items on display.
A quiet moment before the doors open to attendees.
Thanks go to the following volunteers who made this event possible (listed in alphabetical order by first name):
Barbara Webster, Becky Highsmith, Billie Helms, Carolee Jones, Christie Canfield, Diane Maltase, Denise Miller, Elva Christian, Fran Marlow, Glenda Lloyd, Jaci Marchi, Jack Bank, Jack Willoughby, John Jay, Judy Nissila, Lois Shumaker, LuEllen Pettengell, Marilyn Ulbricht, Marsha Wise, Mary Anne Smith, Nancy Fiorini, Pam Parker, Paula Parmelee, Rick Hanson, Sammie Hudgens.