2017 Spring Seminar was a Winner!

Once again Root Cellar presented a well-attended Spring Seminar, when on May 6 Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, gave us four interesting, amusing, and fast-paced lectures. Her topics were The Fair Court; Dowered and Bound Out: Widows and Orphans Under the Law; No Person Shall… Gallop Horses in the Streets – Using Court Records to Tell the Story of our Ancestors’ Lives; and After the Courthouse Burns: Rekindling Family History Through DNA. Each lecture was filled with good advice, good examples, and well-documented facts.

Ably planned by co-chairs Kerry Anderson and Linda Johnson, this year’s event included the always popular raffle baskets; vendors Cox Black and White and Janaway Books; sale of Root Cellar publications, T shirts and caps; lunch sandwiches provided by Subway (and distributed within 7 minutes through the organization set up by Paula Parmelee and her husband); delicious midmorning and afternoon snacks donated by many seminar attendees; and last but not least, the collegiality, exchange of ideas, and visiting with others in the group.

Host for the day was President Dave Rietz, and Glenda Lloyd was emcee, Rick Hanson provided tech support and recorded the program for the sake of volunteers whose attentions were on their various duties. Dianne Denny was our speaker handler, and also hosted a potluck reception on Friday evening. Greeters for the day were Tanyia Ceremello, Jaci Marchi, and Pam Parker.

Parking and registration were smoothly handled by cheerful volunteers who started their day in the early morning. In the parking lot were John Jay, John Bank, and Ray Smith, while Mary Anne Smith, Elva Christian and Glenda Lloyd handed out registration packets with speaker-provided handouts and lunch tickets as ordered by registrants.

Marie Cape tidied up her holiday decorations and immediately turned her spare bedroom over to the project of filling huge baskets with various treats with themes such as Genealogy Newbies, German Research, and Christmas. Marilyn Ulbricht and Billie Helms sold raffle tickets. Winners of the basket raffles were: Billie Helms, Cathy Stratton, Denton Anderson, Dianne Denny, Janet Caton, Kathleen Lee, Kirk Coker, Margorie Taylor, Nancy Anderson, Peggy Grayson, RoseMary Vaske, Terry Stone.

Carolee Jones and Nancy Fiorini tended the table display of Root Cellar products, selling a good many of them. A myriad of other Root Cellar members looked after signage, lunch distribution, passing out winning raffle tickets, general troubleshooting, and answering questions: Sammie Hudgens, Elaine Rietz, Gary Balonek, Jamie Chatterley, Lois Shumaker, Mike Dickey, Judy Marston, Patricia Smith, Cindy Figgins, and Diane Maltase.

All of this good-natured and competent help guarantees our successful Seminars, year after year.


Photos from both the evening reception and the Seminar itself can be seen on Root Cellar’s web page in the Members Only section, under Photo Archive. https://rootcellar.org/index.php