Pioneer Certificate Database  -- Supporting Documentation

The standards for a Pioneer Certificate have varied over time – sometimes requiring the presence of an ancestor in California earlier and sometimes later than the current standard – 10 May 1869. Also, requirements for supporting documentation have also varied, so we cannot guarantee the number of, or detail in, records currently held for each certificate.

At your request we will provide you with copies of all that we have, usually including pedigree charts, family group sheets and sometimes additional historical material. However, please note, that in some files the only things still held are a single pedigree chart while in others there are multi-generational, fully documented, genealogies. It is not possible to predict the type or number of files available for each pioneer ancestor.

See the Pioneer Certificate Database here.

If you locate an ancestor that you are researching and want copies of the records and files currently held on them, please complete the request form, print it, and mail with a check in the amount of $15.00 to:

Pioneer Certificate

Root Cellar - SGS

PO Box 265

Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0265