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Mailing Address
Root Cellar - Sacramento Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 265
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0265
General Inquiry:
Board of Directors
President: Diane Maltase
Vice President: Patty Saathoff
Secretary: Mary Droege
Treasurer: Rick Hanson
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Anne Smith
Past President: Billie Helms
Parliamentarian/Advisor: Glenda Lloyd
Library Chair: Carolee Jones
Membership Chair: Elva Christian
Preserves Chair: Lois Shumaker
Program Chair: Paula Parmelee
Publicity Chair: Heidi Egger
Seminar Co-Chair: Diane Maltase
Seminar Co-Chair: Sandra Maier
Officers, Groups & Committees
Archivist: Vacant
California Pioneer Certificate: Lynne Roberts
CD Librarian: Vacant
Facebook Editor: Doug Saathoff
Geni-Gram Editor: Heidi Egger
Historian: Vacant
Legal Advisor: Vacant
Membership Host: Vacant
Pedigree Charts: Vacant
Photographer: Judy Nissila
Query Editor: Glenda Lloyd
Research Requests: Lynne Roberts
Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant
Website Links Page Editor: Lynne Roberts
Book Club: Ron Setzer
Book Club: John Jay
Family Tree Maker SIG: John Jay
Family Tree Maker SIG: Jack Bank
Family Tree Maker SIG: Ron Setzer
Legacy & Flip-Pal Support Grp: Billie Helms
Legacy & Flip-Pal Support Grp: Sandi Benward
Workshop: Lynne Roberts
Extractions Committee: Marilyn Ulbricht
Nominating Committee (chair): Billie Helms
Nominating Committee (elected): Raymond Smith
Nominating Committee (elected): Nancy Fiorini
Nominating Committee (appmt): Vacant
Nominating Committee (appmt): Vacant
Technology Committee: Rick Hanson
Technology Committee: Lois Shumaker
Technology Committee: Carolee Jones
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Tips for Starting Out We need someone willing to add material to this page.
Root Cellar's Library Lois Shumaker
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Useful Research Links Lynne Roberts
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     Book Store – CA Residents Marie Cape
     Book Store – Tax Exempt Marie Cape
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Surnames Researched Rick HansonLois Shumaker
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Rick HansonLois Shumaker
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     Forums Need moderators for each of the forums.